Sunday, June 5, 2011

Time for a facelift!

Not me!  I know I just had another yucky birthday,  but I'm not ready for a facelift myself just yet!  My hall bathroom, however... now she needs one badly!

Here's the thing about this bathroom.  It's tiny.  I mean it's not just small, but a teensy-weensy, little-bitty, tiny bathroom!  There is a full tub/shower combination, and a toilet (of course), and a small vanity cabinet/sink, but that's it... no storage, no linen closet, and did I mention...small!

Anyhoo, the builder grade features in our home (that we bought when it was 3 years old), are now beginning to show their builder-grade quality, and we are beginning to have to replace some various items. The latest victim is the medicine cabinet in the afore mention bathroom.  It's literally falling apart at the seams, and has to be replaced or someone is going to be wearing it as a hat soon!  

Well, as things often do in the world of renovating, one thing has lead to another, and I've decided to give this small, but oh so necessary space a much needed makeover.  Right now it is only used as a guest bath, and the oldest princesses' bath when she's home from college.  It has a youthful, casual look now, but I'm ready for something more sophisticated.

Here's what will stay: 
1.  white shower/tub combo
2. white toliet
3.  white tile floor  (or maybe not?)

Here's what will or can go:
1.  color scheme
2.  medicine cabinet
3.  sink/vanity

As of now, I'm still looking, searching for just the right inspiration for my little bathroom's new decor.  I always start my redecorating with an inspiration piece - one item that "speaks" to you and represents how you want a space to look.  I'm still searching for mine for this room.
  Here are some photos of bathrooms I love...
I love the combination of gray and yellow!  Beautiful!
This vintage cottage feel is not my usual design, but I love this, too!  I think wainscoting is classic and lovely.
This reminds somewhat of my master bathroom.  I actually have  some of the walls painted black, and I really like it!  The chandelier and splashes of yellow make this space extra special!

These styles are all completely different, but I do notice the continuity of yellow in each space.  I wonder if a little sunshine will show it's self when I reveal my choices?  Hmmmm...

I would love to see your bathroom.  Do you have a design question, want a suggestion for paint colors, or need some inspiration.  Maybe the Woo-Hoo Gal can help!  Maybe you've already created just the perfect space for you and your family, and you now have that bathroom you've always wanted.  Send us some pics and let us share in your good fortune and be inspired by your creativity!

Keep Shining!
The Woo-Hoo Gal!

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smparrish2 said...

Love the yellow/gray one!
Can't wait for my little bathroom to look not so scary!

Anne Payne said...

We have a teeny tiny bathroom as well that we've been remodeling for a year now :-) any project we start on takes forever to finish, but we replaced a vanity similar to yours with a beautiful pedestal sink w/new faucets, old tiny potty to an oblong potty with ultimate flushing power (you wanted to know that right ;)), new tub with white wall kit, and we changed from congoleum to tile on the it! The walls are battleship gray, white trim and red accents. I haven't found that perfect mirror yet. I don't have storage so we bought an iron shelving doo-hickey and I just use that for now. Ongoing...

Anne Payne said...

Oh! The floor tile is black & white. So the color scheme is black, white, gray & red :0) I debated on using sage green or yellow as the accent but ultimately I LOVE red and just had to go with it. Use your yellow w/ the gray...they are gorgeous together!

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of the gray and yellow! So different but beautiful!

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