Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sophie's Turkey Burgers

I must admit, I am a lover of red-meat.  There is absolutely NOTHING better in my humble opinion, than a dry-aged, bone-in, ribeye!  Now that is some fine eatin' right there, but as with most things that are delicious, too much of a good thing, is well... too much!  I've lost around 70 pounds (eek!) in the last 18 months (the hardest thing EVER), so I am always on the lookout for healthy, yet delicious meals for my family.  Now don't get me wrong, there's still plenty of fried chicken, cobbler, and ribeyes around here, but I try to make those kinds of things the exception, rather than the rule.

Now my three princesses all have varied taste... one is a true carnivore like her Mama, one can't even bear the sight of red meat, and one is a month into an attempt at only eating fish and poultry.  My Princess #3 dreams of being a chef someday, and she loves to create and execute her own recipes.  When she first mentioned to me a few days ago that she wanted to make us turkey burgers, I think my nose snarled a little. I prefer some good ole' ground chuck on my bun, thank you very much!  I relented, bought her ingredients, and tonight she prepared them for us, and they were...well... they were scrumptious!  I have never been more surprised!  

I thought I would share Sophie's Turkey Burger recipe with my readers, and maybe you can be pleasantly surprised as well!

Sophie's Grilled Turkey Burgers with Raspberry Mayonnaise 
Here's what you'll need:

Grilled Turkey Burgers
2 lbs. ground turkey (we mixed 1 lb. regular with 1 lb. lean)
2 green onions, finely minced
1.5 tsp. paprika
.5 tsp. cayenne pepper
salt & pepper to taste

Mince onions and add to ground turkey with spices
Pat out burgers and grill until done

Serve on Italian Crustini buns with lettuce, tomato and raspberry mayo... YUM!

Raspberry Mayo
Here's what you'll need:

1 cup mayo
2 T. raspberry jam
.5 cup mashed raspberries
1 tsp. lime juice
1 tsp. pomegranate juice

Mix all ingredients together, and serve with turkey burgers.

Sophie, you were right... these were very good, and I would be thrilled to have them anytime!

Keep Shining!
Woo-Hoo Gal

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Ashley said...

Oh, I love me some red meat as well! Just so you know, there are more calories and fat in ground turkey than lean ground beef! I love 'different' kinds of burgers, but health wise, turkey isn't what it "gobbles" it is!!

Anne Payne said...

Those burgers sound good! Love the idea of the raspberry mayo. FYI: If you can get grass-fed beef it is better than either turkey or grain-fed beef :0)

Woo-Hoo Gal said...

Wow, thanks for the info, ladies! I'm looking up more information on both of your tips!

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