Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bring on the Fried Pickles!

My oldest daughter, Savannah, is home from college this summer doing what many college students spend their summers doing... sleeping, and "looking" for a job!  This week we are thrilled to have her dear friend, Vikky here visiting.  They have been BFF's since their middle school days in Costa Rica.  Vik flew in from Philly last week, and we love having her here.  

Last year, Vikky, and her precious mom, Karen, passed through town and spent a little time with us.  They were making a road-trip from Texas to Philly in Vik's well-loved truck, Henry (as in Ford)!  Vik's goal along the way?...well, she was determined to eat in as many southern BBQ joints as possible!  She's a barbecue LOVER!   Just before Karen & Vik came to town in 2010, another family you may know was in town...  Barrack & Michelle?  They live in the big White House at the end of the cul-de-sac!  :-)  So before heading back to the land oh Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, we decided to take the girls to the BBQ joint the First Family had visited here in Asheville, 12 Bones.  
Karen, Me, & Vik at 12 Bones (April 2010)

12 Bones, serves absolutely fabulous food!  Their specialty is their baby-back ribs which are served in a half dozen or so different seasonings, rubs or sauces, that change from time to time.  My favorite is their blueberry-chipotle, which may sound a little bizarre, but it's just the right balance of heat and sweet for the fork tender ribs.  12 Bones is one of those new, funky, Southern-fushion foods type places, where tradition has been thrown out the window, but the basics that make delicious barbecue are still in good standing.

 Our barbecue joint of choice for Vik's visit this year was Okie Dokies BBQ , where they just happen to serve some of the South's finest fried pickles! One of the best things about eating barbecue (in my book, as well as Vik's) are the ridiculously delicious little nuggets known as fried pickles!   Okie Dokie's is the traditional small, southern town BBQ joint, complete with wood floors, and pig decor!  The  sweet tea, mac-n-cheese, and baby-backs are my favorites, but I would make the drive for the fried pickles!  They're insanely good!

My incredibly talented cousin, Jean wrote all about Okie Dokies (and fried pickles) in her blog, "Gommin & Yowing",  a couple of years ago.  You will enjoy this read! Gomming and Yowing

Vikky & Karen, I hope that 2012, once again finds you and Savannah hanging out at our house for a few days, and catching up over some delicious NC barbecue... complete with fried pickles, of course!

Keep Shining, 
The Woo-Hoo Gal

P.S.  The owner/management of 12 Bones Smokehouse, nor Okie Dokies BBQ, are not affiliated with me, and they did not compensate me for my comments.  
They are strictly my opinions.  

Vikky and Savannah

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Woo-hoo! Thanks for the shout-out, and let's make it our mission to seek out and sample fried pickles wherever they are!

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